Wellness Programs – Beyond the Employee


Wellness programs are all the rage in the last few years as they should be. Companies looking to help employees be healthier both mentally and physically are not only helping the employees live a better life, they are helping the bottom line. There is no doubt that the measurable results or return on investment is a few years away as it takes quite a while for employees to become more self-directed to lead healthy lives but some less tangible benefits should become evident at the front end.

A well-coordinated wellness program should be another great sign for prospective employees that the employer is above the rest of the herd. A company willing to invest time and money in getting employees fit, that also provides good compensation and progressive benefits should be a good choice for talented candidates. As well, employees who see a management team investing in them should over time understand that the company is trying to go above and beyond normal attraction programs. Sure there is a self-serving side to the programs but overall it’s a clear sign of a different and progressive company culture. But, what about looking beyond the employee?

To truly be successful, a wellness program needs to reach out beyond the employee, into their family. If you’re an employee that finally decides to mobilize and quit smoking or start eating healthier but your spouse and or kids are chain smokers, heavy beer drinkers and fast food addicts; good luck.  A great wellness program will include the whole family unit to help support the employee along the right path. Allowing spouses and children to access the same services the company provides to employees will accelerate an employee’s path to wellness as well as move the company further along a return on investment related to things like absenteeism, reduced drug usage, disease management costs and a much more productive and happier workforce.

What are some of the things your company or some of the best in class companies you know doing to accelerate program take-up? Email me so I can highlight your thoughts in my next article on wellness.

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