The No Job/No Experience Conundrum

ImageThere is no easy answer or solution to finding work in this new economy so fixated on hiring talent with previous work experience. But there is an easy approach. If you work harder and are willing to take some risks, you could be on your way to smooth sailing on your career path.

Over the years I have always encouraged high school students to approach companies with unpaid coop or work terms. The key here is to know your strengths and ensure you understand you need to begin at the bottom.  Employers love free help but do not like to have to take the time and energy to train and supervise resources. So as much self-sufficiency on the job as you can bring will get your foot in the door and then potentially to better and better opportunities.

Volunteer, work part time doing anything so you can learn the inner workings of the company or industry you’re interested in. I am always amazed by how little work experience many second and third year college students have when they seek summer employment. Take chances, when younger and put together short email proposals about the work you could do for a company and how you can minimize risk and bring value to an employer’s business. Any employer trying to be competitive will try to see how they can use you. Remember be humble and start at the bottom. As you gather experience, you can then gravitate to better opportunities. Who knows if you impress, a full time opportunity might come your way. At a minimum you have experience, potential references and a job network and context of the industry you would like to work in.

For non-students, the same approach can work but because most of us have to make money to survive, you might have to take a part time approach to this job experience strategy, or limit the experience to a few weeks or months.

So stop hesitating and start putting together a quick but humble overview of what your value proposition is. Then pull a list of potential companies or industries you want to focus on. Start low but aim high and you will soon be on your way to experience and a job recruiters and employers will not so easy gloss over.


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