Who is Francois?

Francois Guay
1. Northern Ontario Canadian boy who is just at ease wearing a suit and negotiating in a boardroom as kayaking a wild river.

2. A proud father of three adopted girls.

3. Suffered a severed achilles a few years back when I was 41, ballooned to over 250 lbs, but ran a 2:52 marathon a few years later. I can be a little type A+ competitive, although I like to say that age has mellowed me to a Type A-.
4. My grandfather was a chef and somehow thru osmosis the cooking gene was passed on to me. Homemade pizza has to be my favorite but as a foodie, I consume most everything.

5. If you want to be my friend buy me a bottle of 7 Deadly Zins (pure heaven)

6. I love to speak my mind, sometimes it’s a few years ahead of the current thinking.

7. Talent management anything is my love although it’s always been about making the company I am working for #1, so my talent focus is helping the company increase sales, engagement, productivity and all metrics that lead to $

8. I was lucky enough to work for a company Nortel Networks where I got to be extremely creative and try things during the tech wars that are still ahead of what in some cases is going on today in the talent market. Wow was that fun!!!

9. Love to recycle old stuff into unique furniture and other cool things.


Canoeing in my wonderful Temagami

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