AttackDefendDisrupt looks at what it means to develop innovative and effective human resource and talent management strategies for companies. The focus is on recruiting, branding, employee engagement, business transformation, workforce planning, mentoring, retention, diversity, compensation, training, social media and technology.

Francois M. Guay is a seasoned executive with over 20+ years of experience in the public and private sectors. In the mid 90’s Francois was at the forefront of making internet recruiting the de facto standard in government. While at Nortel as Vice President of Global Recruiting, he worked with business executives, HR practitioners and his team, to develop aggressive recruitment and retention strategies that helped push Nortel into the internet world. After leaving Nortel, Francois launched two companies. TalentShift Inc. a management consulting company that provides human resource services, project management,IT, shared services and sales consultation to public and private sector companies.

Francois also launched Bright Circles where as CEO and Co-Founder, Francois aggressively pushed to create an internet social networking site that would allow individuals to tap into their networks and create relationships that would allow them to create businesses and or find employment. The site launched in 2002 and was ahead of current popular sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

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