The Next Talent Battle Field

ImageThe war for talent has been a constant theme for years and will continue to be. Some will say that with high unemployment, business failures and faltering economies how can this be? But, in times of high turmoil and in an increasing business environment of innovation and competitiveness, talent and the right kind of talent will always rule.

With immigration, country barriers crumbling and with an even more mobile workforce and a work from anywhere workforce developing, talent is becoming even more important to all economies.

But I am here to tell you that the battle field is changing. Where the war for talent has been fought and won in the past has been at the corporate level.  Companies have wooed talent and created an environment where talent can thrive and establish themselves long term.  And although this will continue the real battle field is widening and to the winners will go the spoils.

In this world where boundaries are disappearing, we will start seeing cities, communities, regional blocks and countries developing integrated and focused attraction and retention strategies and operational plans to support their tax base and the companies that reside within their boundaries. Not only will these entities develop the strategies, they will start having to execute them to attract and retain the talent required to compete in this new reality. The future world of recruitment will need to move from corporations to these entities. Scary to think that our future viability will be in the hands of those who know so little about recruitment.

This new battle field will require new tools, new approaches to leveraging social media, new technology and a new type of recruiter. Are you ready to compete in this new environment? What will it do to your world?

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