Are Toxic People Suffocating your Company?

toxic people

Of course they are. But the first question you must ask yourself is if your company culture created these monsters in the first place. If the answer is no, the solution is simple. Have upper management work to either enforce a plan to address the behavior or if this does not solve the situation, quickly remove them from the company payroll. Nothing is worse for company morale than individuals who spew negatives all day or belittle other employees or management. These types of employees love to cause chaos, dredge up rumors and create false innuendo about company employees. One has to wonder why they do it, but the behavior prevalent in most companies.Unfortunately, most companies live with these scourges and do not remove them.

Not dealing with these individuals results in staff turnover, dysfunction, poor results and apathy. So if you’re in management or human resources, please take action right away; your employees will thank you immediately with better productivity and maybe a little laughter and lightheartedness.

If the employees have become toxic because of your company culture, leave at all costs, unless you’re management or the executive running that company. In that case please fire yourself.

Let me know what your company is doing about this key productivity issue by emailing me or posting your comments



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