Can Leadership and Compassion be Synonymous?

CompassionBeing a leader in today’s crazy world requires many attributes, but compassion is rarely one that makes the top of the headlines. Leadership is usually about having a clear mission and vision, being goal oriented and competent, having a strong team, great communication skills, Interpersonal skills, a “can do, get it done” attitude, inspiration and ambition. But where’s compassion?

Sure leaders need to make tough decisions and strive for business success, but being compassionate is what makes someone truly a leader. Steering and lifting your company through difficult layoffs, dealing with employees and customer who have been wronged by your company or even making concessions to your employees, suppliers, etc… that are not always about profits or about being right. Admitting fault when you or your company have a mistake. Too many businesses and business leaders hope the problem will disappear, that no one will notice. In today’s wired world everyone does notice and guess what your company and your leadership takes a hit. Not only that, ask yourself if what you do is something your children and loved ones would respect. If not, don’t do it, hold strong to your core values as they are the only thing we can truly hold as our own through our lives.

Making these decisions amidst the churn of day to day business and life is tough, especially when you’re under constant media and shareholder pressure. So take the time to not only be a successful leader but one that blends solid decision making with an eye to being kind and fair. Your legacy and your companies depend on it. Be remembered for the right reasons.


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An executive with over 20 years providing recruiting, talent management and IT solutions to corporations and government.
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