Be Bold! Be Different! Bring Back the Christmas Party!

Are you one of those companies that no longer have a Christmas party? Have you taken all the fun out of building team and truly celebrating the end of the year with your employees and their spouses? Thought I heard you tell everyone throughout the year that it was all about the team, their families and the community?  What’s wrong, are you feeling like a scrooge? Maybe a little too politically correct and safe?  A bit of a dick maybe? Time to say screw it and be part of the trend of dynamic employers that are bringing back the Christmas party.

So as of right now stop thinking of:

  1. What you would call it. It’s a Christmas party (you can have all the other parties too)
  2. The potential liability your company is going to face (plan for it and educate everyone)
  3. How much it might cost you (employees can share some of the cost if your really have to and the return on investment on this is is huge.)

Start thinking of:

  1. The good faith you will be building with your employees and their spouses.
  2. The impact on employee retention.
  3. The great community feedback you will receive.
  4. The feeling of being a different company (not one of those companies where all the fun has been sucked out!)
  5. And the fun you’re going to have

So be brash and bold and bring back the Christmas party! Your employees will be the first to high five you! Rock on!


About attackdefenddisrupt

An executive with over 20 years providing recruiting, talent management and IT solutions to corporations and government.
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One Response to Be Bold! Be Different! Bring Back the Christmas Party!

  1. At last, a punk rock outlook on Christmas – thank you Francois!


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