In the News is Good News for Employee Retention

Now, I am not talking about scandalous news but good honest news about your company, your contributions to the community and your employees.

Nothing but nothing helps to retain employees more effectively than positive press about what your company does to elevate itself beyond the hordes of boring company drones out there. Most companies dread and or avoid the media spotlight, hoping to stay away from negative press.

Sure it’s important to have a well crafted approach before approaching the media but once you do seeking it out is key to your overall recruitment and retention strategy.

Rules are:

  1. Have one person who is your spokesperson
  2. No one else should speak to the media
  3. Have your company vision, brand and data sheets on your company prepared and ready
  4. Have established art work and media ready as required
  5. Be clear on how you want to be perceived and for what reasons
  6. Be consistent, clear and honest
  7. Thank all the various media groups that do end up doing stories on your company.

Positive media on your company reinforces with your employees, their families and friends why they work there. If employees are being told they are with a great employer, they are much more likely to stay where they are.

So develop a media strategy today and reduce your attrition while having top quality recruits banging on your door.


About attackdefenddisrupt

An executive with over 20 years providing recruiting, talent management and IT solutions to corporations and government.
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