Why We Should Hire Based on IQ Scores!

IQ TestNothing affects corporate performance more than stupidity! I think companies should hire based on IQ scores. Think I am off my gourd? Demonstrating discrimination or elitism? That’s the point of this article as companies are already discriminating by screening out many qualified candidates, just because they do not have a certain qualification or are missing a certain criteria. So, why should a company hire you if your IQ score is lower than lets say 120?

HR already screens great candidates out if they do not have a degree, or have a low LSAT score, etc. They test people to screen candidates out that do not achieve certain test scores, so why not rule out all stupid people at the start by asking for their IQ score.

Maybe the government can save HR and companies a lot of work by instituting mandatory IQ testing. Your IQ score would follow you around on your drivers licence and all other appropriate records. You would have to present this at all interviews, saving HR and managers a lot of time if your score is too low. Stores could have their sales staff and clerks wear IQ badges so we could avoid the ones that would delay our goods purchasing by being incompetent at the cash register.

Your licence plate could also include your IQ score, maybe we could have the numbers flashing in lights on top of the car roof so we can try to avoid getting too close to cars with a low IQ. Dating would also become a breeze, as you could find your match much more quickly, smart or dumb, your choice, now made easy by a government near you. Back to hiring!

The point is that corporations already have such a system in place, it may not be IQ based but it keeps the deemed unqualified out of their corporate offices. Sometimes these IQ tests fall under the guise of educational standards or work experience. Do not be fooled as many of these are “IQ test like”, sure some of them are valid but many of them are simply to reduce the number of candidates applying or to reduce the workload in HR or to appease an elitist management group.

I say get rid of all that crap and just institute a national IQ program so we can get right to the point! The point of saying that we are all to lazy or too corrupt to find the best in the first place.


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An executive with over 20 years providing recruiting, talent management and IT solutions to corporations and government.
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4 Responses to Why We Should Hire Based on IQ Scores!

  1. Bonnie Rauwerdink says:

    A bit strong. I’ve never had my IQ checked, have you? IQ doesn’t tell the whole story anyways.

    • Hi Bonnie,

      That was the point of my posting! That of course it does not tell the whole story. Just like educational requirements, and other HR tests do not tell the whole story! Thank you for taking the time to comment.

  2. Alex Nuta says:

    It’s an interesting concept, and one I’ve considered before. Obviously, it isn’t be the only criterion that makes a potential employee worth hiring.
    You’re familiar, I’m sure, with the multiple forms of intelligence, such as social, musical, and a few others not reflected in a standard IQ test.
    That being the case it would be useful also to consider that there are many positions for which a high IQ individual may be wholly unsuited, such as assembly line work, physical labour and other situations where an inability or unwillingness to accept an existing, working, but inefficient process could be detrimental to the required work. In a production environment, someone like that could represent a real disadvantage for the employer.
    I don’t believe that this could be considered a form of discrimination. Rather it’s an attempt to find the best possible candidate based on the nature of the work. If you’re an information worker, an engineer, or in a position where critical thinking is required clearly someone with a higher IQ would have an advantage, all things being equal. The opposite would be true for jobs where consistency and accuracy over many repetitions would be required and where a high IQ individual may under-perform.
    As to putting it on the driver’s license or other official documents, I can’t believe it would be useful to anyone except condescending elitists that, like jocks with a ruler, simply want to find a reason to pick on someone else. So, while I don’t believe in mandatory IQ testing, I do think it may be appropriate in a job interview situation. A friend of mine is Director of HR for a major US corporation. I think I’ll ask her opinion on this.

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