How to Know When HR’s Just Not That Into You?

HR's Not That into youRemember the book and movie entitled He’s Just Not That Into You. It was all about the elusive search by a group of women looking for prince charming by having to wade through a bunch of conniving frogs and some pigs along the way. During the search, the viewer is provided with a bunch of tips telling them why so and so was not their prince charming. No more wasting your time, move along to the next greenfield. In the world of Human Resources, HR not being into you is your sure sign to move on and find a new job!

Here’s how to know if HR’s just not that into you:

  1. They call you by the wrong name
  2. They never call you back after you call them.
  3. They never make eye contact with you.
  4. Their friends never say hi, just brush past you.
  5. They always seem to be whispering when your around.
  6. HR never invites you to their place, always to some random boardroom.
  7. Cheques owed to you seem to disappear or are always late.
  8. Your notes or letters to them are frequently lost or left behind.
  9. You feel dirty and screwed over after meeting with them.

Hopefully HR is into YOU! If not take this chance to move on, prince charming or charming HR might be around the corner, otherwise maybe it’s YOU.


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An executive with over 20 years providing recruiting, talent management and IT solutions to corporations and government.
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