Firing on all Cylinders – Why Firing People can be Fun!

Donald TrumpLook I am not some egomaniac on a power trip. In my earlier HR days I hated having to fire anyone. I remember having to fire hundred upon hundred of high-tech workers due to the market crash and it was probably one of the most painful things I ever had to do. Of course, at the time these individuals were all bright high performers who unfortunately had to be let go due to extreme market conditions.

No, the people I like to fire are the employees who choose to do below average work, who abuse the employee-employer relationship even after receiving warnings and being told what they are doing is inappropriate. The ones that are constantly late for no reason, who lie to my face constantly about being sick or having to attend their dead nanny’s funeral, for the second or third time!

I get a thrill and a buzz for firing these low performers because I am helping the company to be more productive and helping all other employees keep their employment. Your employees will thank you for firing low performers who constantly lie and under perform as they have to pick up the slack. Why should everyone else suffer due someone else’s self delusions. So approach firing with a new enthusiasm and not with dread, your company and your employees will thank you. So load up and make your company a better place to work at.


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