Gimme Gimme and the Culture of Entitlement

Culture of entitlementRemember hearing “Gimme gimme never get, don’t you know your manners yet?” You would think that parents everywhere would have been singing and repeating this lyric all through their children’s childhood but surprisingly it looks like they have been singing “Gimme gimme always gets!”

Our workplaces are filled with workers who feel entitled to receive a raise, a bonus, a perk, extra time off, a new job title without having to put in the time and effort to receive it. Like spoiled children they argue, posture and yell saying they are being treated unfairly, spouting off and poisoning your workplace. What’s wrong with the workforce? Why are they not willing to roll up their sleeves, get dirty and get some work done. A little effort and courtesy goes well along the way to receiving rewards and recognition.

It’s time to kill the culture of entitlement and create the culture of performance. Your company and our countries ability to compete will depend on it. So what can we do?

Get rid of policies and practices that reward employees long-term for only achieving a short-term goal. A 3 month successful project requires a 3 month type reward so that employees will not stop trying to achieve once they have reached the milestone and just expect it again. We must focus on long-term behaviors and stop the practice of rewarding cold and hot behaviors.

Communicate the new culture of performance and stick to your guns. Let employees that don’t fit the new culture leave and be ready to replace them with individuals that fit the new values. Be ready for some bumps along the way as making tough decisions will make the executive team squirm.

Companies that will succeed in the coming years are those that will be based on a culture of performance and not on a culture of entitlement. Treat employees like babies and they will behave like babies. Time to remove and hide the pacifier and give employees a dose of reality. I already hear their surprised cries and it’s a sweet sound.


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6 Responses to Gimme Gimme and the Culture of Entitlement

  1. Hear hear Francois – awards for coming to work tend to reinforce this culture of entitlement. We need to get real etc.


    • This one has always irked me and I love to build a culture of performance wherever I work. It’s crazy to think that people can just get something without serious commitment and contribution.Thank you for posting.

  2. Melissa says:

    Nice post Francois. Couldn’t agree more. We need more accountability.

  3. In some cultures simply having a job that affords you the chance to do meaningful work and pays a fair wage is enough of a reward in and of itself.

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