Tired of your Spouse? Treat them Like an Employee!

leaving your spouseIf your tired of your significant other, treat them like most companies treat their employees, they are bound to pack up and leave you.

  1. Tell them social media is off-limits in the home.
  2. Issue a dress code policy.
  3. Schedule a spousal evaluation meeting.
  4. Constantly change expectations with very little notice or no notice at all.
  5. Install a punch clock in the kitchen.
  6. Issue warnings and counselling notices for absenteeism, lateness and more.
  7. Limit how many times they can use the bathroom in a day.
  8. Schedule eating at specific times only.
  9. Set a no music rule.
  10. Reduce their budgets constantly.
  11. Limit who can visit them and who they can visit.
  12. Set lofty expectations that can never be achieved.

If we treated our spouses like most companies treat their employee, our spouses would leave us. Is something wrong with how we manage our employees? Let me know.


About attackdefenddisrupt

An executive with over 20 years providing recruiting, talent management and IT solutions to corporations and government.
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