15 Reasons you are Not Getting the Job

I see most of these behaviors every week during interviews. How can it be so!

  1. Chew gum during the interview.
  2. Slouch in your chair (show some spine).
  3. Get to the interview late (really early just in case).
  4. Have not researched the company at all (wow we really want you).
  5. Swear during the interview (what are you a teenager?).
  6. Badmouth other people (we know you will do it to us too).
  7. Have no resume or references with you (your really interested right?).
  8. Have bad body odour (a shower and soap goes a long way!).
  9. Come to the interview in disheveled or ripped clothes (Please make an effort).
  10. Demonstrate little enthusiasm or emotion (Sure we will give you a bonus!).
  11. Be too loud and demonstrative! (Our customers will love you!)
  12. Have alcohol on your breath or clothes (We like to party when appropriate).
  13. Make sexual or discriminatory comments (Not in our respectful workplace).
  14. Reference drinking or drug use or sexual escapades (duh) (Not appropriate).
  15. Not remember my name after I have told you 3 or more times! (memory problems or are we dealing with number 14 above).

It’s a tough job market out there so make every effort to go beyond other candidates. It’s the little things that will impress your future employer but it’s also the little things that will turn them off you forever.


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An executive with over 20 years providing recruiting, talent management and IT solutions to corporations and government.
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