Engagement Wars! – The New Recruiting Battlefield

Engage candidatesSome recruiters think they can just post a job and great candidates will flock to it. Others rarely if ever pick up the phone and actually talk to candidates, using electronic media instead. Many hiring managers are too busy to truly engage with candidates, spending only a brief amount of time with candidates and not sharing enough about the company, the duties and the desired job outcomes. Once candidates are on-board many are left to try to figure out what their role is and how to navigate the new corporate jungle. Other than corporate directives and human resource rules and policies being sent around, rarely if ever are employees engaged in frank conversation about their roles, aspirations or their thoughts about making the company more successful. Slowly but surely productivity falls and employees start thinking about greener pastures where maybe an employer may actually engage with them as a valuable resource. So what can you “the recruiter” do to turn this trend around?

  • Share performance metrics and evaluation guides at the onset of the interview process.
  • Share the real scoop on the work environment and what employees can expect there; the “true picture” will attract the right type of candidates, not the ones that just want a job.
  • During orientation (you have one right!) go over employer expectations again, focusing on performance and how candidates will be evaluated for job performance during a probationary period, a year out,etc. The more people know how they will be judged successful the more they can do to impact that destiny.
  • Focus on the tools, processes, systems, resources that will help them accelerate their learning curve. Too many companies leave them high and dry from day one. Have an on-boarding process, please.
  • Follow up with employees after day one! Yes really to see how they did and if they were treated properly, have a phone, computer, tools they need to hit the ground running. Too many companies have done nothing or very little to get their employees work environment ready. Creating disengagement from the beginning.
  • Create a schedule where you follow-up once every couple of weeks for the first few months. By creating this dialogue, you will find those employees will seek you out in the future if things are a little bleak.

Great recruiting is more than just getting candidates in the door, it’s about following up with the candidates after the hiring is done. The feedback candidates give you are an opportunity to impact both the recruiting and human resource programs of the company  and will if done correctly allow your company to begin a process of employee engagement that can be sustaining.


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An executive with over 20 years providing recruiting, talent management and IT solutions to corporations and government.
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