Let them Eat Cake: Social Media Phenomena – Kings and Queens only Mingle with other Royalty

Let them eat cake!I have noticed an interesting phenomena these last 5 months as I embarked in social media. The Kings and Queens of social media rarely engage with the rest of us common folk. There are of course exceptions and some extremely popular individuals, are popular because they share so much great info and insight; (@fondalo comes to mind for me as one of these blessed souls). As some got bigger on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or other mediums they stopped doing what made them great to connect with in the first place; engage with others. Of course, many never engaged in the first place, just flapped their gums or tweeted thinking we would follow and we did.

All this social debauchery reminds me of the quote attributed to Marie Antoinette, Queen of France during the french revolution who famously said “Let them eat cake” upon learning that peasants were dying of hunger as they had no bread. A few months later, those same peasants had the last laugh as they beheaded Marie Antoinette using the guillotine. Is this a hint of things to come in social media or are we poor followers due to continue to be enthralled by the famous amongst us, regardless of the quality of the content or of their social graces.

One valuable lesson I have tried to teach my children is that if you do not receive equal value from a relationship then you must end it. It’s no different in social media, if the company or individual you are following does not provide you with equal value then the relationship must end.

In my initial social media folly, I followed some of these golden boys and girls, re-tweeting and commenting on some of their great material, but I soon realized, I would never get a response, a thank you or a word of encouragement. Some dare not lower themselves to those with small followings, newbies, etc, what might others think, maybe their Klout scores will go down, oh no!!

Many of these kings and queens are oblivious to us little folk, the ones who endlessly re-tweet and comment on their blog posts, we are their peasants to their Marie Antoinette. Eat cake, eat cake we hear from afar.

So remember Kings and Queens what got you up to the top in the first place: engaging with your followers. So thank people who re-tweet your material or blog posts, who give you a +K on Klout or who ask you a question on Twitter, check out their blogs, possibly dare I say it re-tweet their material. Not doing so may lead to your social media demise as I highly recommend you guillotine any followers who have poor social graces. So my fellow peasants guillotine away, guillotine away!


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8 Responses to Let them Eat Cake: Social Media Phenomena – Kings and Queens only Mingle with other Royalty

  1. Francois, great post man! I was feeling this way the other day as well. Seems like I go out of my way sometimes to read what the ‘big boys’ are putting out there. But there isn’t much response or appreciation for promoting them back and the like. I even notified the editor of a very large blog in our space that his RSS feed was broken. He fixed it. Didn’t thank me or acknowledge that I helped him out however. So I’m with you! Lets stick together and use social media the way its supposed to be used – to be social!

    By the way, I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts on this blog. You have your opinions and views and aren’t afraid to share them. Bonus: They are good! Maybe it will be you not replying to our tweets one of these days… 😉

    • Thank you Bryan. It’s amazing to me that some people who on the surface seem successful, cannot take the time to acknowledge contributions others have made. I had a few a “lack of interactions” recently that prompted me to make this post. How much time does it really take to respond to someone who comments on your blog, or to acknowledge a question a follower asks.

      Success should make you more likely to take the time to thank your followers and acknowledge others contributions. I have a passion to keep on learning, obviously others think they may know it all all ready. If I ever do get “more” successful and I ignore you in the future, make sure you write a blog post about me telling you to eat cake! Cheers

  2. Really appreciated your post today, especially your statement about the requirement for reciprocity within relationships. Keep up the good work! (and @fondalo is my good friend, and I couldn’t agree with you more!)

    • Dan,

      Happy you liked it. Being a newbie, it’s interesting how you notice small things like this that are actually huge. Thank you again for the comment. Cheers.

      • I’m still fairly new myself. If a King or Queen dominates through one-sided conversation through constant content distribution without following up on it with relationships, I’ll drop them quickly. It’s not worth my time if they’re not going to invest.

      • I do the same Dan although it took me a few months to realize this was the way it had to be. Being Canadian it took me a bit of time to realize my being nice was going too far! Ha ha. But as you can see my post have bite.

  3. Francois, Social Media superstar @GaryVee would agree with you. If you send him a note now on Twitter you’ll get a reply but I think that’s odd. Other superstars with 100K followers don’t have the time to reply to everyone. And everyone wants to share the spotlight with the stars so they get more than their share of people calling on them.

    • Agreed. I just don’t buy popular or influential people who do not respond with followers that provide them with value, RT’s and more. If your a “jackass in public your probably a jackass on Twitter. Those I dump quickly.

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