Why Free is the New King of Recruitment – SmartRecruiters and Weebly


(First I do not get paid, work or know of anyone who works for these companies although I use their products vigorously).

Now if someone does want to pay me, send me an email and I will gladly accept all payments!  Ha Ha.

SmartRecruiters and Weebly are incredible tools, stupid easy too! It’s amazing how quickly you can establish a professional website in seconds with Weebly, with pictures, video, audio and cool graphics. You can even put in products you want to sell using product placement boxes that link to your Paypal account. Wowzer! So you can set up your own store on the web within minutes and start pulling in profits. If you’re a recruiter or a small to mid-sized employer, you can pull your site together within a few hours and then integrate a career web page that pulls all the jobs you are looking to hire with the SmartRecruiters hosted software. For free. So a bit about these two great products.


 Jérôme Ternynck, the chief executive officer and founder of SmartRecruiters, whose free but amazingly powerful software solution allows small businesses to:

  • Build a strong career site that integrates seamlessly into their existing company website and helps them develop an employer brand.
  • Have access to an extremely powerful recruitment and sourcing tool.
  • Gain visibility thorough recruitment metrics to see what’s working (and what’s not) in your recruiting practices.
  • Leverage social media for recruitment needs.
  • Leverage mobile technology.
  • Leverage pay-per-use services when needed, including LinkedIn services such as job posting, profile search and referrals.


Weebly is a San Francisco, California-based company that was founded in 2006 with the mission to help people put their information online quickly and easily. Weebly allows you to: Drag and drop elements in your web design, choose from +100 professional themes and you can add your own, integrate your own blog within your website, add photo galleries and slide shows, videos and audio and much more.

Both these companies are funded by venture capitalists and have solid clients behind them, so their tools are there for the long run.

So before you call some $$$ happy web developer or purchase some recruiting software on some wild monthly payment plan, check them out, you will not be disappointed. Once you realize you will save yourself thousands of dollars and have robust and advanced software technology at your fingertips you will never look back. Sure you could potentially have a somewhat better or slicker product by paying thousands and I mean tens of thousands, but unless you need something wildly different from most recruiters or small businesses why would you.

So feel free to send me a check for about 10% of what I just saved you or at the very least check me out on Twitter for other great tips.

Now again, even though these technology tips saved you countless future headaches and a few thousand dollars, if you really want to optimize your site and your recruiting email me to see how I can help your business really take off. Lights out.


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An executive with over 20 years providing recruiting, talent management and IT solutions to corporations and government.
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2 Responses to Why Free is the New King of Recruitment – SmartRecruiters and Weebly

  1. Hey Francois, I’ve used Weebly & SmartRecruiters in the past. Great tools for people who just need something simple and easy. I would think these solutions (especialy SmartRecruiters) is good for small businesses, but definitely not for managing recruiting processes for a third party recruiting company. SmartRecruiters is just too bare-bones. Although I hear they will be stepping it up this year with that new cash… I for one think WordPress is the best route to go for a website. I actually wrote a step-by-step guide last week if you are interested: http://bit.ly/yfr4KD

    • Your right Bryan, this is for SMB’s and small recruiting shops, they can supplement with other off the shelf tools and software. I am incredibly impressed by the strength of these two tools. I find it incredible that small companies are still spending a ton of cash to purchase other recruiting software and web development resources. I for one think they are wasting way too much money on very little to no uptake.

      I think they need to focus their dollars on how their web presence can not only attract customers but how they will source, engage and recruit top end candidates. People love to spend a ton on expensive software but do not have a clue on how to build an integrated successful recruitment strategy.

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