Slow Acquires Slow – The Oracle Taleo Acquisition and What it Means to HR

Big HRIt was recently announced that Oracle was acquiring Taleo, which offers a full suite of talent management applications, including recruiting, performance management, compensation management, employee development and succession planning.

What do you get when a large company purchases  talent management software from a mammoth vendor, who just acquired another large talent management company?

Answer: Slow dependable software that does not allow you to scale your talent management strategy to your business strategy.

Don’t get me wrong, dependable is good but not at the expense of being able to leverage technology software to meet a talent management need. For any strategic HR leader, Taleo  is like a boat anchor dragging you down to the bottom of the HR strategy world. If your business leaders need you to move quickly to respond to competitor activity or to meet new market demands, Oracle/Taleo is not your answer, it’s your nemesis.

Sure in the short-term, Oracle will make more money and squeeze the current Taleo shackles even more firmly on the firms that are currently locked into long-term contracts. Oracle will tell its clients that many new dazzling changes are forthcoming and that the platform will not only continue to be dependable but great and fast too. Hopefully if you’re a Taleo client you will understand that big just got bigger and your ability to become more strategic in HR will become even more obsolete.

Initially your CEO, CFO and others in your company will be ecstatic about Oracle’s acquisition of Taleo, as they think about cost savings, software and data integration, better data, etc. but over time the pressure will be on you to produce an even better HR strategy with better HR operational results.  In the end the software will not allow you to be nimble and to meet quick industry shifts. When you cannot produce better or even good results with the  expensive Oracle Taleo product suite, the company executives will point at the only person who could be holding it back: YOU

So think again if you think the Oracle Taleo acquisition will put some zip in your talent management step. The only zip will be the new zip code you may have to move to, to start a new job.


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9 Responses to Slow Acquires Slow – The Oracle Taleo Acquisition and What it Means to HR

  1. This blog post is spot on. Exactly how it will play out with current TLEO clients.

    • Thank you for the comments Scott. It will be interesting to see how it plays out. Social media is going to twist and break some of these giants not because they cannot integrate some social media but because the pace of social media will be unheard of and most of us can only even guess about 10% of what might happen.. the rate of change will be unprecedented.

  2. Christopher says:

    I disagree. I’ve worked with Oracle iRecruitment (and alot of other Oracle HRMS modules) for over 8 years, and, I know the WEAKEST piece of Oracle HRMS is IRC. With the US federal govt’s increasing focus on “fairness in recruiting”, coupled with the very poor front end of IRC, it makes absolute sense for Oracle to buy a more fully-featured solution such as Taleo.

    As to your main assertion that both softwares are not “nimble” enough, IMHO that may be true or not depending upon the way a company implemented it.

    • Your right that how a company implements Taleo and Oracle have a lot to do with the end results, but my assertion is that both companies products are like the melting pot of recruitment and HR tactics and totally negate the opportunity to be creative with the tool from an HR or Recruitment strategy point of view.

  3. Ben says:

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