Bevan Docherty tells me FU when I Question his Lance Armstrong Comments

I love the sport of triathlon and I was a little annoyed with media coverage and comments by Bevan Docherty who won the race over Lance Armstrong at the Panama Triathlon yesterday. So I sent him a quick email, fairly professionally I thought but here is what he sent back, and my reply. He could have simply told me to check his views on Twitter instead of telling me to F*** **F. People never cease to amaze me. Bevan was a medallist in Beijing and in Sydney. So much for role models.

Me to Bevan Docherty 8:53 this morning

I cannot believe that what is being carried in the media today after the 70.3 Panama Ironman is you questioning the character of Lance Armstrong after the race.All it makes me question is your character. Hope you enjoy the publicity and then Lance busting your chops in the next race.
His response:
Bevan Docherty via

2:44 PM (7 minutes ago)

to me
Fuck you, u piece of shit, I haven’t bagged Lance. It’s just the media making news. Follow me on twitter and you’ll c my view on the issue!

Get a fucking life

Sent from my iPhone

So I responded:
Francois Guay

2:50 PM (1 minute ago)

to Bevan
Wow your email really shows your character. At least | was respectful.Maybe you need an anger management class.
There are hundreds of links and video of the interview. Here is one.  People will never cease to amaze me.

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4 Responses to Bevan Docherty tells me FU when I Question his Lance Armstrong Comments

  1. It must have been ‘angry day’ yesterday – I had a big row with a journalist over something small that got large very quickly.

  2. I dont like it when people tell me to fuck off but apparently some people say it the same as gee whiz. He did invite you to join him on Twitter.

    • He can follow me on Twitter if he likes, because he sure as hell has no redeeming values that I could learn from. He sent me quite a few more emails after the fact but I did not want to push this any further.

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