Social Media Predictions – The Good the Bad and the Ugly

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This blog was a joint effort between Robert Caruso, CEO of BundlePost and myself. The original post is located at the BundlePost blog. It was a pleasure working with you Robert.



Recently, I got into an interesting Twitter conversation with a friend of mine, Francois Guay about the future of social media, social media marketing and how it might evolve. The conversation deepened quickly and really needed to get offline and that’s how our collaboration post began. And people say social media relationships are ineffective?

During our telephone call, we discussed all of the various elements that play into this evolution. Things like the positive and negative sides of social media, its effects on business, disaster management, geopolitics and revolutions, economics, etc…  We also batted around some of the forward-looking privacy, manipulation and third-party effects that might some day arise.

We decided to focus our prediction post on the core two elements of this powerful medium; social and media. Here’s what we came up with:


Here are some of the positives we identified:

  • More effective trend identification for consumers.
  • More effective trend identification by marketers.
  • Life/Social Media line permeation – easier to manage transitions and at a better cost and higher quality.
  • Shopping evolves to be less fragmented on fan pages and twitter accounts and more integrated into the entire overall experience.
  • More power to the people; both in consumer and political space. This will become more organized and less fragmented.
  • More personal,  even real marriage relationships – taking control of the process out of dating sites and into the hands of people. (This will remove more barriers and limit costs).

and some of the negatives:

  • Increasing graying of the lines between reality and perception.
  • Increased mob rules/anarchy mentality and focus.
  • Crime/fraud & identity theft will continue to become a larger problem.
  • Stalking and unwanted attention will continue to be challenge.
  • Increase in bullying and intolerance.
  • 15 minutes of fame will mostly come from negative elements.


Some of the positives:

  • Real customer life-long relationships – local and medium businesses will grow ability to compete and benefit.
  • Increased collaboration and integration will blur the lines of traditional media.
  • Increased value in knowledge sharing as aggregation leverages global knowledge and diversity.
  • Powerful opportunity to build cheerleaders for charities, underprivileged, countries going through massive change.

and the negatives:

  • Possible loss of respect for institutions as knowledge becomes more widely dispersed.
  • More distortion and false messaging by individuals and organizations that have ulterior motives.
  • Traditional sources of knowledge; brick and mortar libraries, schools, will receive less funding and fall into disrepair.

This is by no means a definitive work on the subject. Francois and I just thought it might be helpful to share the details of our discussion where others could jump in, take from it and think longer term. We all know that social media marketing is a game changer and it’s impacting the world and human dynamics in both positive and negative ways that were never imagined by their inventors. What are your thoughts on how social media will impact us in the future?

Robert M. Caruso
Founder/CEO – Bundle Post


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