Recruiting for Dummies and other Interesting Headlines

recruiting for dummiesHave you recently read a recruiting headline in a newspaper, on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook and thought to yourself “Duh!” I come across them everyday, even from so-called recruiting or human resource experts. I sometimes just want to stick my fingers down my throat and spew (apologies to the experts I offend).  Enough already, what is this recruiting/HR 101.

Here are some of my favorites (spews that is) from recent posts/articles:

1. Involve every employee in talent acquisition

Hum, let me think about that, maybe we should just involve HR and recruiting, all my other employees are not good ambassadors for my company. They have no clue as to the work, culture and the reasons that people may want to work here. And who do they know? All they do is spend a ton of time on those gasp social media sites. Boring!

2. Mobile recruiting is on the rise

Wow, I never noticed that almost everyone has at least one mobile device if not two. Why would they expect to be able to access job information from their mobile? Newspapers are the true source for job ads, right!

3. Employee referral programs account for the most hires

I guess all the major studies are wrong, and just because it works at every company I ever worked at must be a fluke. Bullhorn Reach and other social media companies touting ERP must be missing the boat. Dump their stock now.

4. Attrition is high with bad employers

It’s not the bad employers, it has to be bad employees! Those employees are just too darn demanding and how dare they expect to use social media for business purposes, or even worse for their own personal use.

5. Social media recruiting is on the rise

Really, I never noticed. I was hiding under a rock and the advocates must be wrong. Twitter is just for posting about your night out and that LinkedIn site makes no sense whatsoever. People just love fads!

A few times a day, I come across one of these amazingly smart headlines and my first instinct is to clobber the messenger, but then common sense usually wins out, although some people who know me might disagree that common sense ever comes into the equation. Feel free to share some of your favorites with me. Misery loves company.


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2 Responses to Recruiting for Dummies and other Interesting Headlines

  1. Great article and funny too! Thank you for sharing.

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