The Future of Social Media Recruitment

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social media evolutionSocial media continues to explode and provide additional venues for recruiters and corporations to source, attract, engage and recruit talent. Even though  pen and paper and a phone,  still for the most part beat out technology, social media is transforming all other aspects of recruiting into the stratosphere. So where will it take us?

Where are today:

The kingpins of recruiting today are still LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. They are the darlings of recruiting social media due to their sheer memberships and their current and future ability to create accessible recruitment platforms. For the most part they have built communities that are relationship based, allowing us to connect with people thru other people we know although is also somewhat community based.  So lets identify the various types of social platforms that have been built and are evolving:

  1. LinkedIn – Relationship based
  2. Etsy – Communities of interest
  3. Klout – Influence/Credibility
  4. Pinterest – Visual communities of interest

What tomorrow may bring:

In the near future I en-vision a recruiting or networking site that groups individuals and candidates into visual communities of interest (essentially talent pipelines) but then has the ability to also link them via relationships and communities of interest. Imagine as a recruiter that you have the ability to pin candidates visual profiles as you are inside an engineering talent pipeline community whose candidates have been vouched for by various members of that community, not just friends of those candidates. The site has also curated social media content on these individuals for your perusal. Candidates could also use the site to upload other professional documentation to add to their online profiles.

The possibilities are endless and there is no doubt that recruiting platforms will be evolving  in that direction shortly. Let’s remember that as recruiters we are selfishly focused on recruiting but that our recruiting market has much more selfish needs, that of doing business, being seen as an authority, communicating with friends and many other reasons that go beyond a recruiting platform. No matter how social media platforms evolve, the really successful recruiters will still be experts of networking, via social media or via traditional means.

What do you think? What mashup’s do you see happening? Let me know by sending me an email at or sending me a tweet at @guayfrancois


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An executive with over 20 years providing recruiting, talent management and IT solutions to corporations and government.
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2 Responses to The Future of Social Media Recruitment

  1. Guay, loved this article. It is totally in line with my thinking as of late. Of course I’m looking at it from the recruiting software side of things, but a lot of your points ring true. For me I’m looking at all the data that recruiting firms have stored in their huge databases of candidates and contacts. We need to offer them the ability to connect to their social media accounts (however many that may be) and pull in that data to show along side their own internal notes about candidates. Now when you log in to your software you have the ability to pull in data from all over the web and visualize it instantly. In addition, you can keep records up to date by pulling in data from those sites. Say goodbye to lost phone numbers and email addresses! We are working on developing ideas/features like this right now. If you have ideas to contribute and want to act as an informal advisor, I’d love to chat…

    • Thank you for the comments Bryan. I have been in HR/Recruiting my entire career and in social media since it’s beginning although I am only now getting really back into it. I put together a company in 2001 called Bright Circles which was a social media company with the ability to link co-workers, etc..prior to Linkedin doing it. It also had an integrated reputation score (prior to Klout) doing it. It was ahead of its time and I was unable to get VC for it back then but boy did it teach me a lot about business.

      Would love to talk if you want to set something up. Email me at or connect via my Linkedin Profile.


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