Mood Rings – Screw that what about Mood Labels!!!

mood rings

Recently at a networking event, I introduced myself to a gentleman who was standing off to the side of the room. Years of experience have taught me to seek out these lone wolf’s as they are a great way to meet new people. As I walked up to introduce myself, I scanned his name tag and said hello to Bill. Well, this guy should have had “jackass” or “no class” written on his label as he was morose, dismissive and peeved about something. It’s actually quite hard to understand why people show up at a networking event but are then dismissive when networking starts taking place. Anyway, from this little awkward moment came brilliance.

Why doesnt some technology guru invent a truth label that spits out in bright neon colors what kind of person, people are. Mean, sexist, racist, drunk, drug abuser, sex offender, boorish, etc or on the positive side, sensitive, kind, intelligent, helpful, loving mom, etc.

These could become the new trend and if people are not wearing them, it’s a great sign to stay away from them. Sure would make business and dating interactions much easier!

Maybe the government could force everyone to start wearing them. Imagine crime rates going down, people seeking out other helpful souls for help, etc… Imagine the world we could live in.

Sure, I am dreaming in Technicolor but as an HR/Recruiter type with a social media bent its nirvana, imagine how easy interviewing would become. No secrets held back anymore; true disclosure. But back to reality, I have an eleven o’clock appointment with a new client I am being introduced to and there are no mood labels available. Fingers crossed it’s not Bill.


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