Twitter Marketing Magic, Swingers and Maren Hogan

Last night as I was catching up on Twitter, I came across a post by  @MarenHogan on #TCHAT where she made a hilarious tweet about social media swingers. As I have always admired the brilliance of Maren Hogan, I responded back to join the conversation. Here is the conversation below.

Maren Hogan Tweet

The conversation was all in fun but what intrigued me was what was awaiting me in my Twitter mailbox 8 hours later which was an invitation to join @SwingersConnect


Now for the record I am not a swinger, and cannot speak for Maren but what this does speak to is the power of Twitter to identify conversations, turn them into leads and then market to them. It’s a great business model if used properly.

For the record @MarenHogan did also get an invitation from the swingers club and as of 7am this morning she is now following them. Deduce what you like. LOL.

Try this simple test, retweet my tweet with swingers in your tweet title and check your mailbox in the morning. Have fun but please be safe.


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2 Responses to Twitter Marketing Magic, Swingers and Maren Hogan

  1. marenhogan says:

    ‘Tis true, I did get an invitation, but I did NOT accept. Weirdly I also got an invitation by a self-taught monagamist, I am guessing from another key word I used. I also can appreciate the ironic dichotomy of being called brilliant right before I misspell “channel”. Fark.

    • It was just too funny for me to pass up! It also shows how searches are still in their infancy on Twitter and need more rationalizing. Being francais I make a ton of spelling mistakes for which I am constantly chastised. All the best.

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