Dear Employer – Your Mom Would be Ashamed

mommy saidDoes your mom know what you’re doing? Does she know how rude and inconsiderate you are being to candidates? Did she not tell you to respect others and give out a helping hand? Just because your employed right now does not give you the right to belittle someone who is not. In today’s tough economy your job could be in jeopardy soon, especially if you have not been listening to mommies advice.

Employers are acting out and dishing out bad behaviour and a lack of respect to candidates. This is not new, as it has been going on for quite some time now but its current levels are even more frightening as the recession continues.

Here are some of the behaviours mommy would cringe at:

  1. Not responding or getting back to people who send you resumes or who are interviewing with your company.
  2. Being rude and condescending to candidates calling in for advice or updates.
  3. Only being nice to candidates when you need candidate leads.
  4. Not providing career advice or tips to candidates (take a few minutes, your company will benefit).
  5. Hanging up on candidates or putting them on hold forever.
  6. Low-balling candidates on offers just because they have been out of work, no matter their qualifications.
  7. Tossing out candidate CV’s or discriminating against candidates because they are currently unemployed.

What goes around comes around and employers who are not respectful of candidates will pay the price in future earnings and in the acquisition of great talent. If a company is not respectful of candidates, you can be sure no one will want to shop or work there either. If companies are not treating you well through the recruitment process make sure you leave with a smile but make them pay by not shopping there any more and don’t forget to tell your friends to boycott them too!


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An executive with over 20 years providing recruiting, talent management and IT solutions to corporations and government.
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2 Responses to Dear Employer – Your Mom Would be Ashamed

  1. Alex Raymond says:

    Great post, Francois! I met with an HR Director from the hospitality/entertainment industry a couple of months ago and she highlighted very similar issues to me. You need everyone in HR to be on their best behavior when job applicants are potential customers too! Then bad service can mean loss of revenue.

    • Alex, thank you for the comment.

      It’s amazing how badly some very large companies treat their candidates. I truly feel that large retailers have the biggest opportunity to win new customers as retailers are recruiting aggressively all the time. But most retailers have a very poor attitude when interacting with potential candidates, it seems like many companies feel the same way when they interact with the masses or anyone at the minimum wage threshold. They need to start realizing that it’s hurting their business and it’s no way to treat anybody. They should be ashamed.

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