15 Quick Tips for the Twitter Newbie or the Lost Twitter Soul

Super Twitter TipsThese tips seem really simple and they are. Doing them properly without venturing out into the land of “lack of tact” or “stupidity” is another. Stick to these simple tips and your life on Twitter will be so much easier.

1. Focus on your reason for being on Twitter

Are you trying to grow your IT business, learn about wine,  gather funds for a charitable cause. Whatever your reason make sure it’s your focus on Twitter. It should guide all your actions. This applies to Twitter but also to every other social medium out there.

2. Stick to what you know

Dont’ try to BS about something you have very little knowledge about. That’s what questions are for. Talk instead about what your passionate about and you will grow followers quickly.

3. Stick to what you love

If you tweet about what you love, people will know your sincere and being sincere means more value for you and your followers on Twitter.

4. Follow people who do what you love and that you can learn from

Seems to make sense but many people follow anyone and everyone. At the end of the day, you and your followers must add value to each other, otherwise why are you on Twitter in the first place. Remember #1 above.

5. Help people who help you or may help you learn more

Rule #1 is to give value and to offer help so that you can help your Twitter community. If you help others, the love will be returned.

6. Talk to people, don’t just sit on the sidelines, be open to conversations

Jump in with comments or questions when you see something of interest that you would like to know more about or to which you can contribute your wisdom. It may seem hard to do in 160 characters but if something develops you can DM or direct message each other.

7. Dont make your spouse a Twitter widow or widower

Ok, Twitter is great and I can get caught up in it too, but your family and friends are more important, really, re-discover them. Work hard on Twitter and elsewhere on-line but then play hard with your family and friends. Got it!

8. Use auto-tools

Make your life easier so you can spend more time with your friends, use tools like Tweetdeck, Buffer, ManageFlitter and more.

9. Keep things personal but not too personal

This can be tricky. Be yourself and share some details as you develop relationships with industry peers but remember no one needs to know how much you can drink or your bra size. Keep it professional but light.

10. RT good content often to support people who do things you love well.

If you learned something or think your followers will learn or benefit from someone else’s tweet, RT or retweet it. Give people the credit and if your genuine the love will come back.

11. Don’t focus on getting a ton of followers that add no value, add people who add value to you.

Sure it can be beneficial to have a larger following if you’re trying to get your message out or growing your business, but you still need to focus on the quality of your followers. If you’re a lawyer trying to get new clients, how can a bunch of tweeps selling porn or gambling sites help you, (oops! unless that’s your audience). Focus on why your on Twitter and base your followers on that.

12. Make sure you add value to your followers.

Twitter does not work if you do not add value to your followers. You cannot build it and they will come if you do not provide value. Would you buy an internet service that does not allow you to surf? Well, no one wants to become one of your followers if you offer them nothing or offer them CRAP. So provide value if you want to be successful.

13. Thank people profusely when they do nice things or when you learn something valuable.

Thanking people sincerely when they do something and taking the time to do so is the second best currency on Twitter. The first currency is knowledge. Since taking the time to thank people is free, do it often. What are you waiting for?

14. Learn the language

Dont’ be a deer in the headlights, learn the Twitter language. A DM means a direct message, while #FF is a followfriday, etc.. Check out everything you need to know at: Twittonary

15.  Take risks

If you really want to achieve your goals for being on Twitter to the stratosphere you have to take risks. Like all good things in life, success takes hard work and you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find the prince. So start kissing some frogs and put yourself out there by asking questions to learn new things or suggesting opportunities for collaboration or business. The worse that can happen is that you will hear NO. And to me NO always means that the elusive YES is around the corner. Get out there and start looking for YES.

Twitter is a great medium to link up with other professionals, entrepreneurs and people who love what you love. You can learn, promote, engage, educate and make money as well as make some great friends. The key like any other relationship is to build trust and create value so that everyone can benefit. Have fun.


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An executive with over 20 years providing recruiting, talent management and IT solutions to corporations and government.
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4 Responses to 15 Quick Tips for the Twitter Newbie or the Lost Twitter Soul

  1. Adonia says:

    Thanks…great info.

  2. thanks…great info
    Im just starting out trying to figure out how to get myself out there…I have a facebook page for personal use and am trying to figurer out how to tweet and get a fb page for my business and to ty them all in together

    • Hi Barbara,

      Thanks for the feedback. it’s nice to hear the article was helpful to you. Twitter is an amazing resource. It’s important to know what your trying to accomplish before setting off on the Twitter adventure. Is it business or pleasure? Measure your success to see if it’s achieving the desired effect. Good luck and come back for future tips. Francois

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