The Best Twitter Job Tools – Supercharge your Search

Tips for finding a job A question I often get asked is the following: “Is Twitter a good place for me to search for jobs? My answer is usually that it’s not the best at finding great new opportunities but that it is invaluable in identifying companies you may want to work for. As well as in identifying and networking with individuals from companies you may want to work with. If you can show value to potential employers your currency goes up, so using Twitter wisely is a step up on your job search.

Twitter is also an amazing source of information for career advice and how to make your resume and your brand shine. Use it in conjunction with other job sites and you will be increasing your odds of landing your next gig exponentially. And really that’s what it’s all about, getting a leg up on the competition. So show your stuff and good luck.

Below are some of my favorite tools, links and Twitter owners for maximizing your job search.

I. Job Search Organization Tools

These are your job hub tools which will allow you to stay organized in your Twitter job search.

1.  HootSuite

Hootsuite allows you to manage multiple twitter identities, follow companies and brand mentions and much more. This will allow you to focus your search on the companies and industries that most interest you.

2. TweetDeck

Use TweetDeck to categorize your Twitter feeds, separating contacts with job listing feeds, and more.

II. Connection Tools

With these tools, you’ll be able to find and manage connections with others on Twitter.

 1. Twellow

Twellow helps you to identify the leaders you should connect with in your industry or community for jobs, leads and opportunities.

2. Just Tweet It:

Find other Twitter users with similar interests on Just Tweet It.

III. Search

Use this tool to search for the jobs being posted on Twitter.

1. TwitterJobSearch

A great tool that allows you to find tweets about jobs posted on twitter. Follow them at @twitterjobsearch

IV. Monitoring & Research

Get the edge on your competition by getting job alerts and news and info on the companies and brands you are most interested in.

1. TweetBeep

Set up alerts to find out about jobs as soon as they’re tweeted with the help of TweetBeep.

2. TweetMyJobs

Subscribe to Twitter channels for jobs types and major cities, then get instant notification of new jobs on Twitter from TweetMyJobs.

3. Twilert

Use this Twitter application to get regular email updates about tweets containing your brand, name, keyword, and more.

V. Branding and Communication

Make the most of your Tweets by using these tools.

1. VisualCV

Link your online resume created on VisualCV on your Twitter bio.

2. HelloTXT

Make the most of your tweets by sharing them at the same time to Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.

VI. Advice & Professionals

Learn all about job searching on Twitter and beyond from these professionals and advice feeds.

1. @exectweets

@exectweets will help you find and follow business executives on Twitter.

2. @MonsterCareers

Get career advice and discussions from

3. @SimplyHired

Simply Hired works to make your job search simple and effective.


Get advice from top career experts and be alerted about opportunities through @CAREEREALISM.

5. @ResumeBear

Follow @ResumeBear to learn how you can advance your career and improve your resume.

6. @BrazenCareerist

Get inspired to define your career and control your life by @BrazenCareerist.

7. @cheezhead

Joel Cheesman stays on top of Internet recruiting here.

VII. Job Feeds

These feeds offer a direct line to job postings on Twitter.

1. @elance

Learn about freelance opportunities through @elance.

2. @execSearches

@execSearches connects talent with perfect positions.

3. @indeed

@indeed is a job search engine that aggregates all of the most important job sites.

Twitter is not the best tool to find your next career tool but I will wager that it is one of the best tools to network with individuals that do what you do and work where you want to work as well as find a ton of great information on career search and career tips. A key differentiator with Twitter is it’s usefulness in identifying hot new company and brand alerts.

Good luck with your search and send me an email if you have other Twitter  tools that you find useful.


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An executive with over 20 years providing recruiting, talent management and IT solutions to corporations and government.
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