Why HR is Cool Again! Part 2

Cool HRLast Monday, I posted Part 1 of Why I think HR is Cool Again! in which I highlighted HR guru’s like British HR rocker Peter Cook of @academyofrock,  The@animal whose potty mouth and love of baconlube gets us excited for his next episode of  the Recruiting Animal. We also reviewed crazy cat lady the Cynical Girl, @lruettimann, our tech gadget guy  @steveboese, our prodigal blog producers at @fistfuloftalent whose logo aptly reminds me of pirates taking no prisoners for some reason. The feedback from my readers was fantastic and so here’s the encore to other twerps who scare or motivate the bejesus out of the average HR guy and gal. Lock your doors and hide the HR policy and procedure manuals because here they are:

Bill Boorman Running London Marathon as a ClownBill Boorman at The Recruitingunblog

Bill Boorman is a man on a mission, he is the Co-founder of #TruEvents is often a key-note speaker and is a trend setter as it relates to recruiting and human resources. His posts are interesting, varied and will leave no doubt as to their intent. He says on his blog that he once tried to break a world record for dragging a tire around the London Marathon route while dressed as a 6 ft clown. Wow, talk about determination. As one marathoner to another, let’s try to break that record again soon Bill! Twitter at @BillBoorman

Jessica MillerJessica Miller-Merrell

This dynamo runs her company Xceptional HR and is the owner of Bloggin4Jobs which focuses on social media policies, social media discrimination, mobile recruiting and HR blogger tips as well as business and leadership topics with an HR point of view. Jessica is also the author of the book, Tweet This!  Twitter for Business which was published in 2010.

Jessica is a sought after speaker and has been listed as the 2nd most influential recruiter on the Internet and the 11thmost powerful woman on Twitter.  Be sure to take a look at the myriad of resources on her site’s and feel free to contact her at @blogging4jobs

Rayanne ThornRayanne Thorn is the girl with the cowboy hat, although recent Twitter pics are sans cowboy hats (bring it back Rayanne!). Although she is in marketing at Broadbean Technology at present, believe me when I say recruitment and HR are badges she wears proudly. Monday through Friday Rayanne writes Bonus Track at Blogging4jobs. Her wit is as sharp as a knife so be careful what you say or you may find yourself tongue-tied by the retort. Contact at @ray_anne.

Crystal MillerCrystal Miller aka TheOneCrystal

Take one look at the pic and you know Crystal Miller is cool. Her picture as well as her blogs ooze confidence and talent.  Crystal describes herself on Twitter as a talent management & caffeine junkie with a passion 4 Wine (I will drink to that!), shoes, employment branding and  performance optimization. This Dallas girl runs her own consulting business, blogs on a huge variety of subjects and is active in a variety of talent management and social forums.  During my research on her site I also found out we have something in common as Crystal was adopted and I have three adopted girls. Cool! Connect at: @TheOneCrystal

William Tincup William Tincup

He at times seems bigger than life, cigar smoking, speaker and blogger extraordinaire, DriveThruHR Co-Host, Fistful of Talent Contributor, William has done it all.

He has run agencies, run a web development shop and a full service marketing agency.  According to his website he “has managed human resources, operations, professional services, sales, marketing, business development, finance, accounting, and  even taken out the trash once or twice (does he mean firing bad hires or bouncing at a bar!). He co-founded Starr Tincup in November of 2000 before selling his interest in it a few years ago. If you want some attitude that comes with a full serving of common sense get in touch now at @williamtincup

So tell me what else is cool about these twerps! Give me the lowdown and feel free to tell me about more people you know that make HR cool again.


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5 Responses to Why HR is Cool Again! Part 2

  1. TheOneCrystal says:

    Wow, what a great group of people to be included in! Thanks for thinking of me. 🙂 You know, I think #HR has always had the components to be truly cool… it’s about PEOPLE & working with people really is just cool. Crazy, complicated, maddening.. yes… but also challenging, fun, exciting ~ and that’s cool. Right?

    Anyway, there’s a time and place for everything under the sun (to borrow the cliche’) – and I think it’s HR’s time to really bust it out and shine. I’m just excited to be part of that! Your post was part of the kick-off for the inspiration for tomorrow’s #TNL chat, by the way… we’re going to be talking about how “#Talent #Marketing is Bringing ‘SexyBack’ to #HR through #Social & #HRTech.” Jessica Miller-Merrell & Carrie Corbin (aka @TheAlphaFemme – she’s far cooler than I!) will be joining Matt Charney & I on Focus Radio. Would love for you to join in our community discussion there!

    Great post, much appreciated… Cheers!

    • Crystal,

      If I am not stuck in a meeting tomorrow I will join for sure. I do think HR will be at the forefront of business shortly due not only to talent acquisition but mostly focused on engagement and employee productivity. Look forward to staying in touch and making HR truly sexy for all.

      • TheOneCrystal says:

        Here’s hoping you’re not stuck in a meeting tomorrow night from 7:15pm-8:15pm CST! Hope you can make it and look forward to staying in touch w/ you, too!

  2. Francois-
    Thank you for including me in this list. I am honored to be included in such a group.
    As how we conduct business evolves, it only makes sense that HR must evolve. I love being a part of the current evolution.
    Wishing you the brightest New Year…

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