The Grinch is Trying to Steal Christmas in Temagami

GrinchMy Personal Appeal – Please Read

Once upon a time a silver-tongued political Grinch decided to renege on a promise and take away something he had given to all of us nature  lovers (Toronto Star article). The Grinch had promised us that Temagami would be a protected area and would no longer be threatened by other Grinches. Temagami is an 8000 sq. km. area with ten parks, which offer a broad range of experiences for nature lovers and canoers. It is also one of the last preserves of old growth red and white pine trees in the world. We in Whoville are now having this natural wonder threatened so that mining Grinches can strip the land for profit.

The Grinches used the cover of Christmas to try to sneak one over all lovers of pristine wilderness, but they were spotted by concerned little Cindy Lou’s who were awakened by the cries of wounded trees, concerned canoes and broken promises.

The Cindy Lou’s are now gathering and asking for your help in saving this wonderful wilderness area. Please re-tweet this article and include @Dalton_McGuinty in the tweet or send a tweet directly to Ontario’s premier of broken promises at @Dalton_McGuinty asking him to save Wolfe Lake.

Note: Francois Guay spent all of his childhood summers at his cottage in Temagami (he still spends as much time as possible there). His love of nature and all things Temagami make him a Cindy Lou of the first order.

Below are a few pictures of this amazing area. Please protect it for all.

Old Growth Red PineThe 250 year old red pines of Wolfe Lake

Wolf Lake

Morning mist on Wolfe Lake


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7 Responses to The Grinch is Trying to Steal Christmas in Temagami

  1. Allen says:

    Having visited the Temagami wilderness several times including a honeymoon in the seventies,all I can say is Dalton McGuinty needs a smart slap upside of his foolish head.Given the mans addled headed approach to conservation period, nothing suprises me.Furthermore based on other broken promises and outright lies it is fair to say the Fiberals come by their title honestly!

  2. Karly says:

    Is there an action plan in motion yet? Save Temagami website? Petition? Any of that stuff yet?

  3. Mike says:

    Also Friends of Temagami….

  4. Mike says:

    Great article by the way….

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