Want to do a Skunkworks Project? #Skunkworksproject

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Please pass this on!!!

This is unusual but since there is so much raw talent on Twitter and Linkedin I figured why not see if there are like minds out there. I have an interesting business concept that I have been toying with. Yep I know they are a dime a dozen unless you can execute them.

I have run two businesses one which was very successful, my consulting business and the other an ahead of its time precursor to LinkedIn that was called Bright Circles. Bright Circles was my passion and I put two hard years of work into it before calling it quits it in late 2003 since we could not get any venture capital. Bright Circles was exactly like LinkedIn in the way it grouped ex and current employees together. It also had a recruitment channel and it had a built-in reputation score somewhat like Klout has done but not as sophisticated more like an Ebay approach. I had grand plans for it but it went the way of the dodo in late 2003 but I have learnt that in business you must not try to keep things too tight under wraps because if you do you will rarely find the right people with the right passion to achieve success. This is why I am putting it out there.  I want the most passionate and brightest minds out there to get engaged and to make this happen.

It’s definitely a skunkworks and will need some brainpower and some raw energy to get it off the ground. I have always been a talent management visionary and see trends evolving that need to be harnessed now before the big kahuna’s come along and make a go of it. I know from engaging with many of you that you feel the same way and have skills I do not.

So if you have passion around talent management, social media, database management, marketing and experience with global projects this might be right for you. Being remote is not a problem and if you are located in another country (Asia, Africa, Europe, Middle East, etc) so much the better. You must be willing to put in some elbow grease and brain power. Not looking for you to put money in, just looking to vet and build the concept and then we can approach the right people for funding.

I am just looking to be one of the group, no more although as you can expect I will need to make sure that everyone that is interested is right for the team. Once there is more than me, than it becomes a group effort in choosing the next members. So let me know if your interested and I will get in touch and we can take it from there.

Ok, that’s it feel free to send me an email at attackdefenddisrupt@gmail.com and please pass this on to others that cannot stop dreaming about changing the world with a new approach to talent management.  Hoping to welcome you on board.


About attackdefenddisrupt

An executive with over 20 years providing recruiting, talent management and IT solutions to corporations and government.
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