5 Fantastic Career Blogs to Help you Land your Next Job

WishingIt’s that time of year, the time of year to give back to others for all that we cherish and love. Career bloggers are a special group of people who cannot seem to stop giving back. They have an incredible passion in helping others find a new career or finding employment in this tough economy. Sure some of them make a living at this but the advice on these sites is real and relevant and in very readable. So learn from some pro’s and remember that once you land your next gig to give back some love to everyone else out there that is still looking.

Penelope TrunkPenelope Trunk Career Site

Co-founder of Brazen Careerist, Penelope once played professional beach volleyball and is the author of a bestselling career advice book  and the number one career blog. She is witty, entertaining and dishes out terrific advice while at times creating controversy (but it’s so much fun!). Definitely often followed and copied but rarely imitated. Check her out asap @penelopetrunk.

Resume BearResumeBear Blog

Bob Warren is amazing, he not only runs an innovative job board company that differentiates itself by providing analytical data on your resume but also runs a blog that never seems to run out of fantastic career advice. I know because I re-tweet Bob and ResumeBear often because their blog is loaded with fantastic advice geared to help job seekers get an edge on the competition. Bob also serves up a lot of great social media advice that will help you to navigate the complex mish-mash of potential career, resume and networking pitfalls. Bob’s numerous twitter posts can be located at @bobwarren


The CareerRealism blog focuses on providing job seekers with diverse, refreshing, cutting-edge career advice that provides job seekers with no-nonsense information, tools and resources to help them find jobs as quickly as possible. Follow CareerRealism at @careerrealism

Career DivaCareer Diva Blog

Eve Tahmincioglu writes a weekly column called  “Your Career” for MSNBC.com and is the author of “From the Sandbox to the Corner Office.” Although some say this site is geared more to women I disagree since most of the advice applies to both genders. The CareerDiva is also very active and approachable on Twitter. A follow might be in order at @careerdiva

Julia EricksonYour Right Fit Job Search

A been there done that kind of girl who tells it like it is and whose blog is full of phenomenal advice like a 90 day job plan, Getting Balance in your Life and much more. You can reach Julia on Twitter at @juliaerickson

So don’t give up hope because it’s the holiday season, turn up the heat and beat the competition by visiting these great Careerists today. Let me know how your search goes as I would love to blog about you in the future.


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