Why HR is Cool Again! Part 1

HR is coolFirst I have a confession to make. Sweat dripping down my forehead, hands shaking!

I am not an HR person, nor am I a recruiter although that may have defined me best in the past. I am neither a techie or social media guy, although I have some deep scars from that area and some major missed opportunities, nor am a leadership guru although I have helped a few executives in my time. I like to consider myself “a business guy” the one people can count on to innovate and put a solution in place no matter the problem. Some people think I have an identity crisis. Is HR not sexy enough to be my label? Hmm well maybe but only a redefined innovative HR that is all about helping the business make more money, more profits, gain more customers and build amazing products by engaging great people to perform at their best.

Twitter has been a bit of a reality check for me as I have found people just like me or at least remotely like me. Listed below are a few people who have helped me find my HR mojo. They make HR sexy again (not sure about the Animal but some people out there may have a fetish thing going on!), they rock it and bring forward some attitude that is absolutely necessary and make me want to don my HR hat proudly once again.

Sex and Rock and Roll@academyofrock at Academy of Rock

The irreverent brash but truth-speaking British rock and roll star, business and HR guru is a breath of fresh air to our sometimes boring and cautious profession. Peter who is the author of: Sex Leadership Rock’n’Roll and Punk HR makes us re-think HR by using rock music. He simplifies HR so businesses can get what we are about and what we deliver. So go check out this British rocker!

Recruiting Animal @animal at Recruiting Animal

Animal is the host of a rowdy online call-in show about recruiting and careers. Although he has a potty mouth, he is knowledgeable and most often on point. But boy is he or she entertaining and pushes the conversation as far and away from what one would expect from someone talking about recruiting and HR. For your dose of insults and candour check out the little guy.

Cynical Girl@lruettimann at The Cynical Girl

In her own words Laurie describes herself on Twitter as  “HR Chick. Formidable Career Blogger. Crazy Cat Lady. Pixie of the Apocalypse.  Her blog is a mish-mash of different subjects that tantalize the lost HR soul, that make us laugh (we are not known to laugh in HR, not appropriate!) and different takes on subjects dear to our heart.  For your happy pills today check out Laurie.

HR Happy Hour@steveboese   at Steve Boese Technology Blog

Steve is an HR technology guru and runs the Happy Hour radio show. He has lots of opinions but is always stimulating and thought-provoking. Steve is not a whipping boy to any technology company and that’s why you can trust him. He provides varied opinions and touches on all aspects of human resource technology. Every once in a while you can also get a healthy helping of sports too. For the geeks and HR geek wannabees take a look at what Steve has to offer.

Fistful of Talent@fistfuloftalent at Fistful of Talent Blog

Fistful of Talent has pulled together a great team of people to talk all things, recruiting, HR and talent. They are thought-provoking and they put it all out there. You cannot help sometimes disagreeing with them which is a sign of a great blog and great product. If you want to always agree with what you read or hear then you might as well lock yourself in a room and listen to yourself talk. For a great read on HR innovation listen to this team of bloggers who will push your thoughts to the limit.

So guys and gals thanks for making HR sexy again! I can now go out and proudly tell people that I am an HR person. If I get any flack or tomatoes thrown my way I will make sure I let them know in no uncertain terms where they can go.  I am in HR and I carry a big stick. Walk proudly HR tweeps and let me know how you feel about the new HR!


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An executive with over 20 years providing recruiting, talent management and IT solutions to corporations and government.
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5 Responses to Why HR is Cool Again! Part 1

  1. You know what? I’ll accept the rest but potty mouth? Yes I featured BaconLube on a recent show but only because it was created by a former VP Sales in a social media recruiting company.

    Also, I think it wd be a great gift for clients. Modestly priced and a sure fire conversation piece.

    Otherwise, I’m always insist that mine is a family show and I can bring plenty of people to support me on that if necessary. Now some other people on your list might qualify for that description but I’m not saying who.

  2. I’m just going out for some bacon and eggs – all the best to you over there

  3. p.s. If anyone wants a free early Christmas present, mail me at peter@humdyn.co.uk for an electronic copy of my latest book “Punk Rock People Management – a no-nonsense guide to hiring, inspiring and firing staff” – read more about it at http://www.academy-of-rock.co.uk/Punk-Rock-HR

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