What I Learnt on Twitter in my First 60 Days

Twitter birdSurprisingly it’s already been two months since my foray on Twitter. As a newbie I had several misconceptions coming in which were that people on Twitter were:

  1. time wasters
  2. ego centric
  3. and anti-business

Boy was I wrong! Sure like anywhere else there are people who talk about inane things or who only tweet about themselves or endlessly re-post garish and unbelievable claims, but overall I found amazing support for creative and innovative thinking. I found individuals who have a passion for talent management, recruiting, human resources, leadership, engagement and social media, that have a compassionate heart and that actually care about engaging with others for more than purely business.

Let me tell you why Twitter is a must for anyone:

1. Passion wins out

You will find people who are as passionate as you are about what you love. They will share their love, their knowledge and push you to become better. People like @animal, @shally, @leadershipfreak, @jennifermcClure, @fondalo share my passion for HR, recruitment, engagement, leadership and social media.

2. Focus on engagement

If your on Twitter for the wrong reasons people know, so be genuine and share knowledge vs. just talking about yourself or your business. Here are some of the best engagers I have met so far: @fondalo, @lollydaskal, @jrkuhns, @afraymond, @TomBolt,  @KozakAnnie.

3. Find people that will help you or your business

Look for people who love what they do and will therefore love what you do. No ego’s here even though these are competitive people. They share the same passion that you do and want to share it with you and their followers.  A few of these great people are: @academyofrock, @namasteleaders, @Heathermg1973, @Hunt4staff, @Mauriceboily, @EscouterMag.

4. Learn from the pro’s that truly share

Like @new_resource @bradbennett, @brettrelander, @YouTernMark, @HRRemix, amongst a few others.

5. Be yourself but try to loosen up

Dont’ try to be someone else or to be someone who has no personality or that is so focused on business no other value eke’s out of you. Have fun, be light on your feet and on your keyboard, speak with passion but also with compassion. If you do people will listen and tweet.

6. Stay away from the car salesmen and the sex pushers

Unless you are a masochist or a pervert stay away from the pushy salespeople and the hookers and sex phone diva’s. If it sounds too good to be true, it’s true it’s too good to be true. Do not add them as twerps you follow unless you want to look like a masochist or a pervert.  Are a few extra followers really worth it?

Free Cool Twitter Tools

Below are some of the free cool tools that helped me find my way on the Twittersphere in the first few months. It took me a few months to find them and try them out, so hopefully this will accelerate your success.


An amazing tool that allows you to capture great posts and news and put them in automatic wait sequence that will feed them to your posts every few hours so your tweets are spaced out more evenly.


Allows you to unfollow users who are not active, contribute very unfrequently or who do not follow you. Just remember that even though someone does not follow you it does not mean that they do not contribute value to you. Show them your value and they will soon become followers too!


A great analytical tool that provides some in-depth analysis of your progress on Twitter. Number of followers, retweets, lists, etc… all in a visual format.

Twitter Counter

A simple tool that projects your rise on the twittersphere and allows you to put counters on your blog, website.


A library of all the wonderful twitter lists out there so you can follow twerps like you more easily.


An engagement tool that allows you to build lists of what you need to develop your business or engage your passion. You get two free lists with the free edition.


Nifty little tool that allows you to shorten your links but also to track traffic on that link, ie: how many people look at it, retweet it, etc…

As of today a little less than two months in I have over 1,652 followers that follow not me but my passion in HR, recruitment, leadership, engagement and social media. Twitter is now more than an experiment but a great medium for me to learn, mentor and share my passions. I hope that you too can engage and share your passions on Twitter.

So as I go beyond 60 days, follow me on the journey that is Twitter at @guayfrancois or on LinkedIn at http://ca.linkedin.com/in/francoisguay or sign up to receive my blog.


About attackdefenddisrupt

An executive with over 20 years providing recruiting, talent management and IT solutions to corporations and government.
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14 Responses to What I Learnt on Twitter in my First 60 Days

  1. Don’t sell yourself short… people follow YOU.. and YOU are a sum of your interests, experiences, and passions. #justsayin – Sounds like you’ve had a good ride on Twitter thus far; keep it up, and keep sharing! 🙂

  2. chris says:

    Hey I appreciate the mention and kind words. Glad I can offer some positive vibes in the Twitterverse.

  3. Coo, thank you for the mention – I do try to be useful as well as self promotional and have no shame in doing both ! 🙂

    Now, your list of helpful jargon busters is jolly useful and I will spread widely.

    Seasons Greetings and so on


    • Thanks Peter. Yes it’s about business too and there is nothing wrong about pushing value from your business. Your passion and enthusiasm come out loud and clear so it’s easy to love your stuff, books and all. Need to see if your books are for sale here in Canada..take care.

  4. Thanks for including me in your blog post Francois! It’s been great “getting to know you” via Twitter!

  5. Great post. Thank you for sharing your Twitter experience and pointing out some fabulous tweeps to follow. I will definitely take your advice 🙂

  6. This was fantastic information. I, like Angela thank you for pointing out some great tweeps! I’m going to check them out. 🙂

  7. Glad you had a good initial foray into the world of twitter!

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