7 Quick Tips to Land your Next Job

7 Tips1. Know why someone should hire you

You really need to clearly define what your strengths are to a particular employer so that they clearly see the link on how hiring you helps their business. Make sure you ha

2. Know what you want

Make sure you have identified the type of position and role you want so that the potential employer is not wrestling with fit. Although a potential employer might like you if they cannot see in what position they would put you in, it’s usually adios.

3. 30 second elevator pitch

Finding a job is selling, so make sure you can tell everyone what you are looking for and why you should be hired. Practice this many times so you get it right.

4. 2 minute pitch

When you have access to people for longer, give them a more detailed pitch on why they should hire you.

5. Dead simple resume

Get rid of all extraneous  and personal material. Focus on building a clear and simple resume preferably under two pages.

6. Be positive

If you’re not positive it shows and no one wants to hire a negative person, so let your moxy shine through.

7. Make more friends

Use all available technology, especially social tools to increase the size of your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other networks. Size does matter when you are looking for tips and advice to land your next career opportunity. Leverage anyone you can for success.  Start by clicking the buttons at the top of my page to join my LinkedIn and Twitter networks as well as my blog for future advice.


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An executive with over 20 years providing recruiting, talent management and IT solutions to corporations and government.
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2 Responses to 7 Quick Tips to Land your Next Job

  1. I feel that your point 5 may depend on the type of job. I agree that personal stuff can narrow your attractiveness, but of course they are hiring a person, so some level of personality may need to come into it?

    In my case, personality is part of my brand, but I realise that I’m the exception etc.

    Great post – thanks

    • Your right Peter that personal stuff can sometimes help, the problem is that it usually hurts more than helps so that’s why I would leave it out in a tough job market. Having said that if you dont’ want to work for some stuffed shirt who does not like your approach then feel free to put it down as is and let them screen you out so you can end up working for someone that will appreciate you.

      cheers. Francois

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