Human Resources – Stop Policing and Start Innovating

HR PoliceI have always believed the role of HR is to help companies do business faster. Many in HR will tell you that their major role is a policy role, a policing role, making sure employees are recruited, developed, managed and ultimately fired according to the law. I say that this  is a load of gunk. The primary purpose of HR is to be innovative and build and design tools and processes that allow the business to be better and faster no matter what policies and laws exist or are put in place.

Sure respect the rules and the laws but if all you do is make rules and police rules, you’re not an asset to your business.  Now if you innovate and help executives, managers and employees get their work done faster than competitors because you are constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation then get ready to become a star.

So the #1 rule in human resources is that if you put in place a new policy or process, make sure you are also rolling out an innovative approach that the business can easily use to get their job done. 


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An executive with over 20 years providing recruiting, talent management and IT solutions to corporations and government.
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One Response to Human Resources – Stop Policing and Start Innovating

  1. Hear hear – more perspiration, less speculation!

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