Customer Service in HR! We Don’t Do That Here

Bad ServiceHi there Julia, it’s Susan from Shopwithus, I just phoned to let you know we just received your resume on our website for the management position and it looks like you meet all criteria. We will be getting back to you within 48 hours if you will be shortlisted for an interview with our management team for next week. If you have any questions or want to talk to anybody about this opportunity in the meantime please call us at 1-800-GR8HR or email us at We look forward to potentially hiring you and hope that you will shop with us in the meantime. We are so happy that you are considering working with us that we  have  sent you a preferred customer discount card to your email account so that you can take advantage of specials that we have identified just for you based on your resume profile. Do you have any questions regarding our process or anything else I can tell you about Shopwithus? Is this a typical scenario when candidates apply for an opportunity or is this mere fantasy?

With technology allowing for automated emails, CRM’s following-up with candidate screening questions and tests, the proliferation of call centers and companies trying to engage more and more customers why are job seekers being ignored and often treated with complete disregard by HR and recruiters alike.  acknowledging and providing feedback to job seekers is simply common sense and good business. Unfortunately most candidate, be they passive or active often face the following:

  1. Registering on-line with a ton of varying ATS solutions.
  2. Filling out a ton of useless and needless on-line forms.
  3. Rarely if ever even getting an automated email saying HR received their resume.
  4. Usually reading at the bottom of the resume that only shortlisted interview candidates will be called back.
  5. Never hearing an ounce of gratitude for sending your resume or even being asked to consider shopping, referring or buying products at their company they’re applying for.
  6. Never getting a phone call back from recruiters when you call them.
  7. Never getting feedback on an interview you had.
  8. Never getting any customer based incentives to shop or refer the company they applied to.
  9. and on and on…

Human resource has an obligation to respect every candidate as a legitimate potential candidate or customer.  A recent survey says that up to 50% of candidates say NO to shopping or buying from the company after a bad recruiting experience. Imagine how many of their friends are told about their negative experience with the company. And for those of you in human resources who don’t care about candidates as possible customers I wish this upon you. When you get fired by your company due to lagging sales you better hope your next interviewer is not as uncaring about customer service like you were.  Treat everyone like you would want to be treated.

Have your say. Tell us about your Horrostory or pet peeve.


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3 Responses to Customer Service in HR! We Don’t Do That Here

  1. Where do I begin? I guess most of my gripes with poor customer focus in HR are contained within my latest book Punk Rock People Management – available free to download via

  2. Pamelyn says:

    Great post, and very timely! As someone newly on the seeker side of the hiring process, I agree that there is a huge disconnect between a company’s customer service and their candidate service, and it will absolutely have a negative impact on those companies who don’t take steps to bridge that gap. Social media makes it so easy to share horror stories about everything from bad recruiters to non-existent onboarding processes, both of which are critical to finding and keeping talent. You can bet in my next position this will be a key focus.

    • Hi Pamelyn,

      There are no excuses for employers, this process can be automated in many cases and can still provide candidates with at least minimum feedback. Companies also lose out on potential customers. Word of mouth is so powerful. Thank you for the feedback and good luck!!! Stay positive.

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