Is HR Still Stuck in the Ice Age – Time to Say Goodbye to the Dinosaurs

DinosaursHave you noticed that whenever someone disrupts the regular flow by discussing thought-provoking approaches to human resources, be it recruiting, retention or training and development, that it does not take long before a small bunch of naysayers pop up and try to blow up any attempts at change or even discussion. For some reason the tendency for some in human resources is to turn adversarial, not supportive or inquisitive but adversarial. Instead of listening and trying to move the conversation forward with positive comments or to discuss the issue some tend to stifle the conversation or try to marginalize the speaker. Many times these negative people are our supposed stars, that are quite happy thank you with the current HR status quo.

Is it because they are afraid of hearing the truth? Is it because they are afraid to adopt transformative change? Or is it because they realize they are dinosaurs ready for the graveyard. For whatever reason they love to fuel  a breeding ground ripe with cynicism and veiled attempts at discrediting individuals that have unique and intriguing thoughts.

We need to encourage positive discussion of all types so that we can help our businesses be more successful.  As HR leaders we have to be at the forefront of this change and embrace discussions, innovation and hire individuals that are none standard HR material. The gals and guys who are entrepreneurs, visionaries with operational moxy. They should be armed with a can do attitude, a thick skin able to absorb criticism and attempts by colleagues to undermine them.

HR needs change and a new vision to support the dynamic business models that are currently evolving. So support innovative and disruptive discussions and comments by your team members. You will be surprised that many members of your team having been held back for so long by aging dinosaurs are right there with you embracing change. The ice age is over, it’s time for HR to embrace a new beginning and say goodbye to the dinosaurs.


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An executive with over 20 years providing recruiting, talent management and IT solutions to corporations and government.
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2 Responses to Is HR Still Stuck in the Ice Age – Time to Say Goodbye to the Dinosaurs

  1. As the author of Punk Rock People Management, I am bound to say I must agree with you on this, having suffered at the CIPD Council and as Kent Branch leader for too many years.

  2. Thanks Peter. I am amazed by some in our industry that are so negative to new thoughts and approaches. Instead of saying nothing or at least some type of positive to non-judgemental comments some of our own must resort to aggressive dismissal. In the end change will still be forthcoming, so we must all soldier on.

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