Improve your Recruiting Results in 1 Easy Step

Pick up the phone

Are you frazzled all day, running around trying to deal with all the technology in your recruitment arsenal; ATS, social media, internet databases, smart phones, multiple email accounts, recruitment marketing sites, news feeds, talent communities and a ton of other tools. If so it’s time to

ditch the tools because they are a major DISTRACTION.

So tonight before leaving the office, print out a large sourcing list tied to a search or a project your working on, put it on your desk and tomorrow morning when you come in the only tool you will have is your phone and your wits.

You will be amazed at how effective your day will be when it’s removed from the noise of technology and over complicated process. Once your alone in your office, with a list and phone you will have to be focused.You will have to engage with potential candidates and actually have a discussion about current and future opportunities. With technology it’s to easy to get mesmerized with their ease ,when really they are only enablers to get you to what you should be doing most of the time, which is talking to potential candidates. These candidates handled correctly could become employees, refer other great candidates and leads and even provide you with future business.

So as mundane as this all sounds, shelf the technology for a couple of days a week, lock yourself in a room with a list and start phoning, your recruiting will never be the same.

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An executive with over 20 years providing recruiting, talent management and IT solutions to corporations and government.
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One Response to Improve your Recruiting Results in 1 Easy Step

  1. Great post. I just had a one on one conversation with someone who’s in need of a job. Just a general convo turned into something more….

    Distractions are NOT my friend.


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