Dare to Be Different – Why you Need to Change How you Hire?

Amazing that most companies still look for talent the traditional way. In a world topsy-turvy with change, rampant newdare to be different technology, social media, new competitive entrants and a global economy, companies are still hiring the old-fashioned way. Most companies are still embracing the status quo, slumbering thru the new talent management changes shaking this industry.  If you’re looking to dominate your business segment then remove the shackles of recruitment past.

Jerome Ternynck @jerometernynck, founder & CEO of @SmartRecruiters gives us food for thought with some of these interesting comments from his article at:  http://www.rceuro.com/index.php/Featured/Hiring-Made-Easy-Jerome-Ternynck.html?t=13204441661.

1. Recruitment is not Tracking, it is Sourcing

Stop the emphasis on only tracking actions and statuses and get back to sourcing and engaging with the candidate.

2. Kill The Form

A real favourite. 50% of candidates don’t complete the forms on the career site. If you were a Sales/marketing person who lost 50% of your leads every month, you would not be in employment very long.

3.  Make It Easy

Or, as my Dad always said, follow the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) Principle
While technology continues to expand and encourages us to do more, inherently we make things more complicated and difficult. We must simplify. Candidates and Employees live in a 140 character world and their tolerance for complication is decreasing.

Great stuff Jerome, I will add a few more:

  1. Hire based on skill not only on work experience.
  2. Throw out barrier requirements and look to the skills required.
  3. Look for the individuals that buck the trend vs follow them.
  4. Create a culture of entrepreneurs vs. a culture of followers in your company.
  5. Look to get top talent from new sources, ie: a failed start-up or new highly trained immigrants.
  6. To find exceptional talent, create a unique skill contest and invite anyone to try and win.
  7. Forgot that complex maze of Applicant Tracking Systems, forms and procedures and actually talk to real people

Hiring talent is ever-changing so embrace the different, look at un-encumbering yourself from the past recruitment legacies your predecessors left you by eliminating the complex, unwieldy and especially all facets of recruitment that leave the candidate experience unacceptable.

Dare to be different and email me at attackdefenddisrupt@gmail.com so I can feature you in an upcoming article.


About attackdefenddisrupt

An executive with over 20 years providing recruiting, talent management and IT solutions to corporations and government.
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2 Responses to Dare to Be Different – Why you Need to Change How you Hire?

  1. What a great post! I also agree that the conventional methods of recruiting are a thing of the past. Additionally, too much emphasis is placed on specific things, like education. There are a lot of qualified candidates who have never finished college. I tend to look at the whole picture with a great focus on their skills. To me, that carries more weight.


    • Thank you Erica,

      I am always amazed at how we can become a little too uptight when it comes to looking for talent. Talent is everywhere and all it requires is for us to at least consider it. HR aslo has to remember that it’s the ambasador to the public for the company, like salespeople so let’s treat candidates like customers because they are. Cheers.

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