No Resumes Please! Signed Human Resources

Do not applyUnbelievable! It’s incredible but these words are spoken or sent out each day by human resource professionals to any candidate bold enough to send them a resume or to inquire about employment. Wake up HR, what does Human Resources mean to you! If you’re not looking after the talent management needs of your organization who is? Why do you exist?

Do you know that according to a @monster_works poll, 50% of candidates polled said if they had a bad recruiting experience, they’d never buy a company’s product or service again. Your lack of candidate experience is costing your company sales.

If you want to reduce the number of resumes that are not a fit for your organization, make sure your website, collateral and social media messages are clear about what it means to work at your company and what kind of skills are required. Dont’ leave it up to the imagination of the job seeker. And really when it really comes down to it, is it not your role to decipher talent from all the resumes you receive anyway. Do you think executives and managers in your company care when they forward resumes your way to be dealt with. No, they dont’ care, they just want you to deal with and find the best talent. So take the bull by the horns and clearly reflect the talent your company requires so that it creates a cleaner slate of potential resumes and candidates.

Great companies thrive in finding great talent by not creating artificial barriers to employment with their companies but by interacting with great talent. More and more, companies are looking beyond artificial resume barriers, like education, years of experience, certifications to find great talent. Why are headhunters so successful? Because they look for the right fit for a company and will not always look at the traditional or mere requirements but at the potential of the candidate to achieve and surpass what the role calls for.

So stop saying NO and start receiving resumes. Treat candidates like customers because they are. Deal with them politely and professionally and look amidst all the resumes for the candidates that will make your company excel. Saying YES will help your company make money, not lose any.


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An executive with over 20 years providing recruiting, talent management and IT solutions to corporations and government.
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7 Responses to No Resumes Please! Signed Human Resources

  1. Great thinking. I like how you can take a topic we see all the time and turn it around to help us see the other side of things. You are really deep in this subject.

    • Thanks for the comment Gregory. HR”s influence on sales is one of my biggest pet peeves. The amount of potential sales lost due to poor HR practives is huge, especially as it relates to retail specific industries. Was away for five days last week up north with zero access so will go read your most recent posts.

      Take care. Francois

  2. Good call – I’ve been banging on to the CIPD for years about the word ‘customer’ – it is not well recognised.

    • Peter – Thank you. The word customer is not well recognized and it’s one of my key concerns with human resources and business in general. The amount of potential sales is significant. Will look to present on the subject in the near future as it’s ground breaking for business. Cheers.

  3. Actually, if you’re a company that is required to have a written Affirmative Action Plan, accepting unsolicited resumes (that is, people are just leaving resumes for job openings that don’t exist) can land you in hot water during an EEOC or OFCCP audit. If you keep them, it could create a “pool” of “candidates” that the agencies may count as applicants for openings they did not apply or quality for. An example of why this could be a problem is: If you have an opening where the QUALIFIED labor pool for a particular job is 50% male and 50% female and requires skill X, but several candidates have been pulled from a resume stack that was 85% female and without skill X, you could be accused of gender discrimination! (Something like this just happened to Tyson Meat Company. I’d put in a link, but don’t want to be blocked.)

    That being said, you’re absolutely right about being very clear about what openings you have, what skills are required, what it’s like to work at the company, etc. etc. However, I highly, highly recommend that if you get a random resume for a talent you’re interested in, get them to start applying for an official job opening with a documented hiring process!

    • That is a great comment and there is no doubt that there could be risks involved in receiving unsolicited resumes not tied to specific positions. I believe it’s important that companies set up their recruitment strategies based on job families which tie to specific roles and where statistics as necessary could be pulled for AAP.

    • Yet another great example of how the Federal Government screws up business and by extension, people’s lives. As for the reference to HR, it has only been in the last decade or so that HR has gotten it’s hands on recruiting. They are truly little more than administrators by training. Recruiting is an highly specialized SALES skill that is done best by people who can sell conceptually. I’ve recently started my own blog

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