There is no Talent War only Poor Employers

Are you tired of hearing the constant whining and gyrations from so-called experts about the impending or never-ending talent wars? I am, because it’s not true, there are no talent wars just Poor employers.

These employers cannot for the life of them attract good talent because the candidates who are applying to these companies are too well-educated to the fact that these employers would be a death knell to their careers. A living purgatory to all good employee practices, proper compensation, recognition and leadership.

Great employers have no trouble attracting and retaining great talent because they are a shining example of employee and business best practices. Don’t believe me? Get in touch with the most highly rated companies and find out if they are having trouble attracting talent. They might say it’s competitive and that they have to be aggressive for certain skill sets and certain candidates but overall they are not finding it hard to put bums in seats.

If companies are finding it hard to find talent then they have to re-look at why that’s the case. Is it:

1. Their stagnating culture

Companies are always saying the buzz word when it comes to their culture, but no one believes them if the leaders dont’ walk the talk.

2. Lack of leadership

Is the CEO a walking advertisement for talent. Are they the first to pick up the phone to attract a top-notch candidate or to have a talk with someone in the company who may be considering leaving? Do they publicly recognize and reward talented people.

3. Poor communication

Nothing kills employee enthusiasm as much as lack of direction. It creates a lack of trust and that lack of trust is communicated to the outside world as employees leave the company like a sinking ship.

4. Rigid reward model

A round peg will never fit into a square hole, but boy does HR try. Have a flexible but dynamic total reward system (note I did not say pay or compensation system). I am not talking about giving away the company jewels but make it so candidates can have some flexibility in how they want to be rewarded. Leaders here have no trouble attracting great talent.

5. Old fashioned employee rules

Can you believe that some technology companies do not allow their employees to have access to their social network at work. Or employers that will not allow their employees to work from home? Or not allowing employees to call home or who look at them cross-eyed if they have to deal with family matters during the day. Imagine!

6. Poor business model

If your companies crashing and burning, seen as a dinosaur or just have a poor business model you will be having trouble attracting talent. Smart candidates are knowledgeable about their industry and will not be keen on joining an also ran.

So stop blaming the talent wars for your companies lack of ability to find good candidates and start looking at what you can do about the talent in your own backyard first.

Have your say. What do you think?


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An executive with over 20 years providing recruiting, talent management and IT solutions to corporations and government.
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