Ten Ways to Piss off your Recruiter


As an Employer:

  1. Saying the job needs to be filled asap when the following week your closing the order (Wait till you call me next time with a really urgent request).
  2. Giving the same job to 5 or more other search firms (Everyones’ going to try so hard).
  3. Not allowing the recruiter to talk to the hiring manager (What are we in kindergarten).
  4. Trying to haggle me down to bottom feeder status (Working for peanuts does not work for me or for you).
  5. Not providing me with a proper job spec, information or the right understanding of the political and internal sensitivities of this search (When I get crapped on so will you. So man up).

As a Candidate:

  1. Not calling me back during the offer process (Do you really want the job or where you lying earlier?)
  2. Fudging your credentials, especially late in the process (Did you think I would’nt find out?)
  3. Not telling me about competing offers while leading me on about this opportunity being exactly what you want (I am here to help you, so why shoot me in the back).
  4. Not taking my advice during an interview (Do you really think I am trying to sabotage you).
  5. Telling your friends you found the job on Twitter (Right as if anyone believes you).

About attackdefenddisrupt

An executive with over 20 years providing recruiting, talent management and IT solutions to corporations and government.
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