Get Smart – Private Investigators make Great Sourcers

Private InvestigatorIt was rather a fluke that I found out that private investigators make great sourcers. I had been working for a large multinational who’s CEO had asked me to check on a couple of recent employees who had flown the coup to join some optical networking start-ups.

The thought was that they had taken intellectual property with them and the CEO wanted to see if I could find some information that would lead us to a fuller investigation. I hired a private investigator that was recommended by some friends and a week or so later, the PI comes back with a whack of data, not only on intellectual property theft but also a list with all the contact numbers of all the employee in the start-up, including full salary information, including bonuses, stock options and performance appraisals . Wow!

Let’s just say that I continued to use the PI for many more sourcing projects as well as a few other legal matters for my clients. The cost of using an investigator vs. a sourcer are in some cases lower and the results much more acceptable.

Let’s face it many people say they are great sourcers/lead generators but they are for the most part recruiters. Sourcers need to get down and dirty, pick up the phone and work it for bits of information they piece together into a larger canvas. PI’s are trained this way, they know human psychology and have the ability to maneover it to their advantage.

If your not getting the results you need out of sourcing, try hiring a private investigator for a short period of time to see how they perform. You might get a whole new perspective on what it takes to source candidates.


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An executive with over 20 years providing recruiting, talent management and IT solutions to corporations and government.
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3 Responses to Get Smart – Private Investigators make Great Sourcers

  1. kim says:

    These days, theft and fraud in the workplace can be prevented with the help of an experienced private investigator. A lot of companies use now private detectives in order to avoid hiring unreliable employees in the workplace. great post! I enjoyed reading it!

  2. There are more and more companies hiring private investigators for this sort of work.

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