Is your Company’s Recruitment – Mickey Mouse?

MickeeAmazing but true, this is in many cases the norm versus the exception.

  1. Excel is your candidate database.
  2. You use headhunters for almost all open jobs, even junior ones.
  3. Your CEO re-schedules or does not even show up at interviews.
  4. Hiring managers never return your calls even when they have a lot of open req’s .
  5. Your executive team’s idea of a fun time is trying to intimidate and ***** with a candidates head during an interview.
  6. You send resumes directly to your hiring managers with zero pre-screening.
  7. Your only brand are the nasty things people are saying about you on Tweeter and Facebook .
  8. The hiring process from start to finish takes two months or more and that’s for a receptionist.
  9. The only reason the recruiting team is still around is that attrition is over 30%.
  10. The first thing you hear when cold calling candidates is all the horror stories about your company.
  11.  The Head of HR is a holy terror who is only there because he/she has something on the CEO.
  12. Your proud to say you use Linkedin and Facebook but really all your doing is collecting profiles and sending them to your managers with zero pre-screening.
  13. To find employment opportunities on your career web page canidates have to click more than twice and in your case at least five times.

About attackdefenddisrupt

An executive with over 20 years providing recruiting, talent management and IT solutions to corporations and government.
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